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Paper is also stored at HAL repository

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Mathematics Education: Arts in the Mathematics Classroom
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Facilitating Change through ThirdPlaceLearning 

Per aspera ad astra

ThirdPlaceLearning (TPL) is a dialogic reflective inquiry within an intercultural communication environment taking into consideration contexts and relational criteria, through which interlocutors analyze, make sense and construct new meanings within their own perspectives, to resolve a disorienting dilemma. Spatial, temporal, relational and historical contexts are considered in TPL context. The relational criteria comprise: active listening, dialectic flow of thinking, intercultural sensitivity, critical co- reflection, conscientization and holistic mindfulness. In other words, interactants carry on a dialog in order to reach an understanding of each other’s perspective about a certain topic. Sometimes such conversation is instigated in order to clarify a misunderstanding or resolve a disorienting dilemma. In case of a cultural norm, for example, interlocutors might need to critically and reflectively analyze a source of their perspective before being able to understand other’s perspective or even shift their own perspective to accommodate for new understanding.

Closely related concepts are those of perspective sharing (I share my opinion), perspective taking (I try to “fit in your shoes”, understand your perspective, empathy) and perspective shift (I might realize that your world view makes more sense than my tightly hold, rooted in my life experiences, worldview). Hence a potential for transformative learning.

=> What does ThirdPlaceLearning mean to you and how can we create the best possible ThirdPlaceLearning Environments?


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TPL may change one’s worldview; it transforms deep layers of one's cultural iceberg, hers/his “cage”, … I wish I had better words…You might?


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